Warranty Information

The Keeper Kart products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship at the time of manufacture for a period of 1 year from the original purchase date. If your product arrives defective, we require a replacement request be made within the first 30 days from the purchase date. If you are experiencing any sort of difficulties with a product past the warranty period, we encourage you to email us at contact@keeperkart.com.  We strive to help in anyway we can.

This warranty is not transferable and extends only to the original retail purchaser and is only valid when supplied with proof of purchase. Please retain proof of purchase for this limited warranty.

The 1 Year Warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship, including the following:
1) Bent wires on the baskets
2) Missing hooks
3) Defective casters
4) Metal tube handle not locking into place

The 1 Year Warranty does not cover claims and/or damage caused by the following:
Use of product in excess of maximum weight specifications
Poor handling from airline or freight company
General wear and tear
Mold, stains, rust or sun damage from general use
Torn or worn handgrips from general use
Modification of products
Poorly maintained and/or stored products
Lost or stolen products
Use other than specified by the product’s instruction manual
Damage to wheels from use on rough and/or uneven surfaces
Improper installation of third party products that are incompatible with the product

If you meet all the requirements needed and have obtained all of the information necessary to submit your claim, please email this information to contact@keeperkart.com