About Keeper Kart

Sanitary and sustainable. These two drivers were the genesis for creating the Keeper Kart™. The desire to own a portable, easy to use, germ free shopping cart that also eliminated the need for bagging groceries in plastic bags was the catalyst to inventing the Keeper Kart™.
Long before the devastating COVID 19 virus entered into the global picture, the idea of a personal portable cart was on the drawing board. It was a long road to fruition.

The prototypes were already built prior to COVID 19. The catalyst to push hard to production came with the onset of pandemic. Sanitation has become among the highest priorities in public venues more than ever. Even now with careful sanitation protocols from store operators, the sense of protection does not feel quite right.  Sustainability has been an ongoing effort among many conscientious consumers. It too, doesn’t feel quite right to briefly use the plastic bags to haul our groceries out of the store only to throw away those plastic bags filling our landfills for generations to come.  The use of plastic bags is an environmental hazard that many communities are moving to eliminate.

Enter Keeper Kart™ – a shopping idea made personal and portable and a solution for those who care to combat the ever-increasing environmental pollutants affecting our world.  Keeper Kart is the environmentally friendly, easy to use, light weight solution to your light shopping needs!

Keeper Kart LLC is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. It is a family owned company and we take pride in fabricating Keeper Kart™ here in the USA. We’re excited to bring a convenient and environmentally responsible solution to your life and we hope that you will enjoy your Keeper Kart™ so much that you will share our story with those around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the baskets washable?

Yes, using a dish towel or small wash cloth dish soap and water, this will easily clean
the baskets and bottom wire platform.

Is there a way to “brake” or stop the wheels (casters) from moving?

Brakes are not yet included in the design of the casters.   As such, the Keeper Kart should not be released from your grip unless and until it is on level ground, or placed against a fixed object like your automobile to keep it from moving.

Can I lift the basket directly onto the conveyor belt at the grocery store?

Yes.  So far there have not been any communication from stores who object to the basket on the conveyor belt.   However, items in your basket can be placed on the conveyor belt for scanning, and then the Keeper Kart with baskets moved to the end so that the items purchased can be replaced back into the baskets.

What should I do if the wire hook or one of the other components is accidentally bent?

Most of the time, the wire hooks can be moved gently with a pair of pliars.  Contact us if any of the wire hooks are bent.